Adrian Tilbrook

Adrian Tilbrook

Adrian Tilbrook lives and works in the Adelaide Hills. Growing up with the strong influence of an artist mother, his interest in art grew from an early age. He honed his skills through undertaking a few years of plein air work, particularly in the hills, public gardens and beaches.

Tilbrook also experimented with French dyes on silk before going on to working with acrylics on paper. This led to an exhibition of acrylics and oils painted on cedar board, hosted at the Kensington Gallery.

Tilbrook took his plein air skills to the streets of Sydney where he put together 120 sketches of city street scenes, incorporating quick sketches of people and places and completed with a splash of watercolour to highlight. These were compiled in his book, Sydney Tourists.

He is currently working on street sketches from local South Australia, including Glenelg, brighton and Blackwood–a study of people and places; street, shop and café scenes.

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