Art as a process for expression and discovery

Art as a process for expression and discovery

I came across this post about art therapy on my Facebook feed and loved what it said about the importance of the process of creating art and the massive benefits to be had for mind health and overall well-being.

The post was written by Belinda Ryan of Ignite Art Therapies. Her business Facebook page states that “Art therapy is not about creating masterpieces to hang in a gallery , but is about expression and discovery.” The business uses art therapy to express and unpack what is happening in the life of the person/client. In other words, the process of doing art has a particular intention without there being a focus on the finished product.

The post that struck a chord with me is as follows:

“Even though I know that the next step is right for me – today the reality hit of leaving my role at the hospital. After an incredible session with a client I was struck by their emotion when it was time to say ‘see you later’ and when their tears started to roll it had me well up too. On reflection the tears were for our time together coming to a close and acknowledging what a precious time it has been. It was about a space shared during vulnerable times, a time where fear was present when facing more and more procedures, a safety when frustration was present, a place to escape the mundane into imaginative worlds and a time to connect, laugh, cry, empower and share. The therapeutic space is a very precious one and I was reminded today that the work we do matters. I can’t share publicly what happens in that space as that’s sacred but believe me when I say the art gives voice to the inexpressible and the moments of connection, resilience, curiosity, creation, rawness and wonder are treasured with highs and lows of life.” ~ Belinda Ryan, Ignite Art Therapies.

There is so much in this post that reflects our passion at Kuoni Creative and our belief that art is incredibly beneficial in so many areas and for so many reasons. I’ve broken it down to these points, directly based on the above quote:

  1. Collaboration.
  2. Vulnerability and allowing your vulnerable side to be exposed and expressed.
  3. Acknowledging and facing fears.
  4. Stemming frustrations and feeling a sense of safety through artistic expression and creation.
  5. Encouraging entry into imaginative worlds as a means of escaping the mundane, as well as giving life to curiosity and creativity.
  6. Connection.
  7. Empowerment.
  8. Giving voice to what is otherwise inexpressible, or difficult to convey.
  9. Enabling resilience.
  10. Gratitude.

By Tracey Vale


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