Art Therapy for Special Needs Children

Art Therapy for Special Needs Children

We are passionate about the therapeutic benefits of art on overall wellbeing and mental health for people of all ages and from all life experiences. Research has shown that art is particularly rewarding and beneficial for children with special needs and we are looking forward to our upcoming workshop, ‘Paint like van Gogh’, which is focussed on therapeutic outcomes for these children.

Treatment through art therapy has proven successful in addressing behavioural, psychological, social, emotional and cognitive issues in children with special needs. It helps to cultivate developmental growth, achieves increased self-awareness, relieves stress and anxiety, increases self-worth and encourages pride in achievements. Art therapy also improves cognitive and sensory learning.

Art awakens creativity and expression, enabling the student to channel his/her individuality, invoking a sense of normalcy that is free from judgement. It has a calming effect that enables a positive impact on emotions, behaviour and cognitive ability.

Hosted by Therese Molloy, ‘Paint like van Gogh’ offers students a creative outlet to explore and apply the painting techniques of Vincent van Gogh while encouraging wellbeing through art application.

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