Art with purpose

Art with purpose

‘Souled Out’, SALA 2017 is officially open!

This year’s exhibition showcases and highlights the ideal that art has a purpose beyond being a decorative form of aesthetic pleasure. Throughout the ages, art has been used to convey important messages, concepts, political goals, social constructs and philosophical theorems–all done through creative thinking and creative application.

It was encouraging and gratifying to see our art concept come together last night with an audience engaged in discussion about what they could see and what the pieces mean. In this way, art can enable conversation, encourage debate and offer viewers new perspectives in social, political or spiritual arenas.

Art is, therefore, a means of conveying and highlighting aspects of human culture, history and progression. It transcends language barriers to enable the visual delivery of a message; it stimulates emotion and thought; it is evocative; and it is expressive.

‘Souled Out’ explores themes such as body image and media representation; courage and vulnerabilities; love, tears and hope; online saturation and degradation of gratitude and social interaction; experience, choice, bravery and the development of your true self; the bleaching and degeneration of coral reefs; and the inhumane treatment of refugees.

Last night’s opening event for our SALA ‘Souled Out’ exhibition, went off with a bang, with over 100 people turning out to help us celebrate. There was plenty of positive feedback and interest in the various art pieces. We have an eclectic mix of artists with an equally eclectic mix of works featured in this year’s show, on until August 31.

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