Erica McNicol Artisan
17 Vincent Boulevard, Flagstaff Hill SA 5159 0417 847 510
From a very early age Erica was encouraged by those who recognised her talent to pursue her passion. This created a thirst for knowledge and a desire to create that remains with her today. Whenever possible, Erica has enrolled in art courses, participated in exhibitions, joined art groups and even kept a studio in the Hahndorf Academy for a time. She has always painted, drawn, embroidered and sown but more recently has built a successful enamelling practice, creating beautiful original enamelled copper and silver jewellery. She has contributed to exhibitions and galleries including participating in SALA and the Fringe, is very active on social media and is continually updating her website.Currently Erica lives in Adelaide and works part time in Education assisting teachers in a senior Art Department whilst maintaining her art practice from home.

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