Bill McSwain

Bill McSwain

Bill McSwain is a well-known, established artist and potter. He lives and works in the Adelaide Hills and his artwork is featured in a mural he painted for the Blackwood Returned Services League. He works in charcoal and pastels and paints in watercolour and acrylics, primarily landscapes, still life, horse races and portraits. He has won a number of awards and accolades for his work since he first exhibited in 1970.

Bill has featured in both solo and group exhibitions in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. He is represented in the La Trobe Gallery and in private collections in Australia and overseas, including Sun River; Oregon, U.S.A.; Gothenburg, Sweden; Tonga; and Vaiaku Lagu Hotel, Tuvalu.

Bill is also represented in literary work: Australian Watercolour Painters, 1780 to Present Day, J. Campbell; and Artists and Galleries of Australia, Volume II, M-Z, by M. Germaine.

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