How can children benefit from Art Therapy?

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How can children benefit from Art Therapy?

The benefits of Art therapy for children

Did you know that one in four children experience bullying at school? And that One in 14 young Australians, aged four to 17, experience anxiety (as detailed at youthbeyondblue)? A number of students also feel overwhelmed at the expectations placed upon them at school.

These issues and others—such as lack of confidence; concerns over being judged by others; anxieties and worries associated with school or home life—can be addressed through the gentle, fun and positive process of Art Therapy.

The creative and mindful process of Art Therapy gives your child the tools to gain confidence in who they are and offers them a safe, secure means of expressing their concerns. Ultimately, Art Therapy gives them the tools to gain strength and mental brain power to be the superhero they want to be.

The great news is, we now offer a fun and relaxed Art Therapy workshop for children in the July school holidays where your child can explore their inner self and freely express anything that might be blocking them. Art Therapy enables your child to experience  gentle, subconscious change.

And this workshop is not just for children who may be experiencing the side-effects of bullying or those who feel anxious, worried or overwhelmed. It enables children to explore their creativity and to make them feel even better, thereby giving them the tools they may need if and when something does concern them.

Art Therapy empowers children to find solutions themselves and gives them the resources for resilience—the tools to be their own superhero.

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