Corina Kuoni

Corina Kuoni

As a creative person with a background in engineering and graphic design, I enjoy finding ways of making works that are enjoyable and personal, yet remain practical and affordable.

I also seek to combine the natural and environmental aesthetics of my European upbringing with my new homeland in the Adelaide Hills.

Through many a creative twist and turn, this led me to experiment with creating jewellery from a lightweight, yet surprisingly sturdy (and very common) resource: Paper.

Each piece of my Paper Jewellery is constructed of multiple layers of paper, hand pressed and coated with non-toxic varnish for waterproofing.

Hand painted watercolour artwork is used as the top layer, and almost any shape can be formed, allowing for a highly versatile range of artistic outcomes.

My personal favourites tend to be those that reflect the hues, structures, and patterns of nature. Themes of oceans and bush life speak strongly to me. My choice of watercolours as a painting medium is reflective of this.

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