Figurative and portrait artist, Linda O’Grady

Figurative and portrait artist, Linda O’Grady

Linda O’Grady’s first foray into exhibited art came less than a year after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, with a portrait piece in the exhibition, the 1993 BP Portrait Award, at the National Gallery of London.

Linda went on to work as an artist and graphic designer in Glasgow, with a particular interest in figurative drawing and painting, as well as portraiture. She achieved a long list of solo and group exhibitions, primarily in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, as well as many commissioned pieces before recently moving to Adelaide.

Her current body of work centres around the theme of body image and loving the shape and body you have; embracing the curves. She is currently featured in Kuoni Creative’s South Australian Living Artist (SALA) Festival, titled ‘Souled Out’.

Her seven pieces in the exhibition feature ink drawings of the female nude with apt quotes to enhance her theme. Linda is opposed to media manipulation of body image and beauty and it’s power to distort and create desire to conform to ideals that are unrealistic.

“The media is a very dangerous organisation and we need to empower our young women to laugh in its face. Perhaps when the media interpretation of beauty is dis-empowered, the whole world will be a better place,” she said.

Artworks by Linda O’Grady

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