Kuoni Creative–a dream realised

Kuoni Creative–a dream realised

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The opening of Kuoni Creative, a gallery and gift shop in Blackwood, marked the realisation of a life-long dream for Corina Kuoni who grew up surrounded by the concept of harvest to table and, as a natural extension of that, the concept of locally-produced, locally-sustaining products as opposed to impersonal, characterless, mass production and globalisation.

“I wanted to establish a place where local creatives could come together and discuss all things art and a place where they can exhibit as well as share their skills with the local community,” said Corina. “I like to promote the idea of art and creativity as an important component in both lifestyle and community; to enhance its importance and to maintain both existing and dying arts.”

“Aside from offering artisans a place to exhibit their work, they also have the opportunity to illustrate their talents and abilities by hosting or participating in workshops to showcase, complement, extend or gain new skills,” said Corina.

In this way, the gallery and gift shop brings vibrancy, community and creative opportunity to Blackwood, encouraging and motivating the local community to buy handmade or participate. Customers are offered a line of primarily exclusive, distinctive products, including glassware, jewellery, bags, fabric and textile arts, paintings and photography as well as workshops they can take part in or host. The arts and gifts embrace eco-sustainability, character and excellence and are all handcrafted, locally produced pieces, brought together to enhance, promote and showcase the local community.

Corina loves the concept of people coming together to discuss and promote something they are passionate about. As a teenager, she was part of a group who established a cultural hub in an abandoned warehouse otherwise marked for demolition. Similarly, Kuoni Creative is a creative hub, bringing people together.

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