Le Journey: our new October exhibition, works by Therese Molloy

Le Journey: our new October exhibition, works by Therese Molloy

Therese Molloy’s artistic journey began in 2014 and has since taken her on a literal journey to France, Hawaii and country South Australia.

She sees art as a way of escaping the mundane side of life. “I hate house cleaning! I do what needs to be done but who wants to spend a life chasing dust? As my favourite Australian Still life artist Margaret Olley would say, ‘When you find your house looks dirty, buy another bunch of flowers!'”

Still life paintings are Therese’s favourite art genre. She utilises pieces from her home as a basis for her ideas. She uses vintage glassware, china and heirloom furniture to form interesting compositions for her flowers, fruit and food.

“I look for simple everyday life experiences based around the home to express myself as an artist with the hope my work brings joy to the observer,” she said.

Since 2014, Therese has been involved in art residencies in Kapunda, South Australia, Le Foret du Temple, France, and Honolulu, Hawaii. These locations are strongly represented in the artwork she has produced there, drawing obvious inspiration during her journey.

Therese uses bold, bright and vibrant colours to construct a view of daily life, with South Australia as a particular basis. “I move through iconic places like the Adelaide Central Market; Kapunda; The Adelaide Hills; McLaren Vale; and the Fleurieu Peninsula, gathering memories and visual resources to assist my paintings,” she said.

“I visit vintage shops and search through their treasures for pieces I can combine with fresh flowers and fruit, often sourced from friend’s gardens and  backyard trees to add to an authentic approach to my painting,”she said. “I want my work to express my Adelaidean heritage, my family and with a focus on sharing goodness and well being.”

Therese says, if she could think of a title for her artwork it would be ‘La Bon Table!’ as an emphasis on enjoying the fragrance and abundance of her work. “And from my family to yours, bon appetit!”

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