Marguerite Hann-Syme

Marguerite Hann-Syme

Marguerite Hann-Syme is a published children’s book author and is now an Adelaide Hills mandala artist and mandala therapist. She designs and produces personalised mandalas and those specific to particular emotional states; pressures; and triggers.

Made of aluminium composite material the intricate and colourful mandalas are perfect for foyers, meditation rooms,  healing practices, bathrooms and wet areas, as well as outdoor displays such as garden areas or alongside your front door as ‘your message to the wider world’. They are lightweight and therefore ideal to post as gifts. Her latest line is her ‘mandala shields’, available in sizes 150mm – 3 metres.

Margie’s mandalas target emotional and/or mental hindrances to you living your life more joyfully and are displayed in homes and businesses worldwide. She also does workshops to enable people to easily and creatively connect with their inner self.

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