Marjorie Russell and the Yupo technique

Marjorie Russell and the Yupo technique

Marjorie Russell has a range of new watercolour artworks in our gallery, featuring garden subjects, subtle-yet-lively colours and utilising the Yupo technique.

Yupo is an ultra-smooth synthetic paper that is strong, durable and known for it’s precision in ink rendering qualities. It offers unique means of using watercolour paints on its surface with a technique that is quite different from that used on traditional watercolour paper. Marjorie has enjoyed learning and experimenting with the many ways it can be used and has perfected her own style. She creates effects by spraying water or blowing air across wet paint on the Yupo paper and has achieved effective seascapes, with textured sand, white-frothed waves and sunsets.

Her current works are large paintings in her ‘Garden Pieces’ series. They feature a depth of colour achievable because of the type of paper she has used with effective results. There are six works on display now.

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