Mary Woolaway

Mary Woolaway

Mary Woolaway became a Scratcherboard Etching artist and silver jeweller after completing a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design in 2010.

Mary’s Scraperboard Etchings are inspired by nature, a place in which she likes to be constantly immersed. Her work as an artist is an ongoing process. It is the result of the dialogue between her and the material she uses. She is both inspired and motivated by the materials, the meditative process and the natural environment.

Scraperboard Etching is a delicate, precise process, using a small, needle-like tool and scratching fine lines in a layer of Indian ink. This reveals the clay layer underneath to create a picture with fine detail and depth. The works take many hours to complete.

The challenge of creating a three-dimensional work on a flat surface through the use of very fine lines is a process Mary enjoys mastering.

Mary and her husband, David, run workshops from their studios in Goolwa. For more information, visit They also offer accommodation, so you can enjoy a seaside escape or combine a stay with an art workshop:



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