Watercolour Painting – Moonlight Bay

by Richard Butcher

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by Richard Butcher

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“Moonlight Bay” is a seascape featuring the moon reflecting on the sea in a rocky bay.

Original, signed, watercolour painting on Winsor & Newton 90lb NOT 100% cotton watercolour paper.
15in x 11in (38 cm x 28 cm).
Sold unframed and shipped in plastic bag within posting tube.


Richard Butcher

My greatest influence has been Ron Ranson’s "Big Brush" watercolour technique using the large (45mm) Japanese Hake brush. The size of the hake forces you to simplify the subject and eliminates all the minute detail which I used to find so frustrating. After reading many books and learning primarily through watching videos, I have developed my own style of painting. I paint mainly landscapes, seascapes and woodland scenes with a central light source and use the contrast between lights and darks to generate drama in the picture.