SALA 2017 Expressions of Interest

SALA 2017 Expressions of Interest

Deadline: by April 18

Expressions of interest are now open for our SALA exhibition, ‘Souled Out’ to be held at the Kuoni Creative Gallery for the month of August. Please submit your interest by April 18. See submission details below.

The Concept

We need to be courageous and stand up for what we believe in. We need to be true to ourselves, despite how uncomfortable this might be or how afraid we may feel. We need to overcome our fears and go against the flow, removing ourselves from our comfort zones, disturbing our own status quo to stand up for what we truly believe is right. Why? Because we have sold out to money, politics and our own personal truths in order to maintain equilibrium; to avoid upsetting the mainstream; to avoid revealing our own vulnerabilities.

Standing up against the flow can be confronting, disturbing, uncomfortable and fear-inspiring but, in selling out, we are prostituting ourselves to the mainstream and we are losing our individualism, our humanity and, ultimately, our integrity; our soul.

The Art

Submissions should address the above concept. They should be gutsy, different. They should tell a story and they should reveal something about yourself—something that is raw, reveals your vulnerable side, shows that you are overcoming fear to stand up and be courageous; to speak out about injustice or an issue close to your heart, or one that you feel strongly about.

Alternatively, they can be of a general nature, ie. Selling out to multinationals or the impact of a social or political change/issue.

The topic is broad enough for your own interpretation within the ideals of the concept.

Key Dates

  • April 18: Expression of interest deadline
  • May 12: Final confirmation from the artist; signed Artist Contract, to ensure commitment.
  • May 15: SALA registration to be completed by Kuoni Creative to ensure inclusion in all SALA publications and promotions.
  • July: Release of SALA program.
  • August 1-31: SALA festival dates.
  • August 11: Proposed date for our SALA opening night event at Kuoni Creative, 6.30-8pm.

Costs of Participation

Costs involved in participation cover SALA registration advertising, administration and catering and is dependent on the number of artists involved and the amount and type of advertising. This will be decided prior to your final confirmation date of May 12. Commission on work sold is 28%.

To Submit your Expression of Interest

Please submit the following via email, in an attached Word document, to with the subject line ‘SALA Expression of Interest’

  • Contact details including name, address, phone numbers and email.
  • Number of works and approximate sizes. Include the vision behind the idea; concept, rationale.
  • Type of medium.
  • Include high quality photographs of the work or similar work, if not yet completed. Include links to websites and artist Facebook pages.
  • A brief artist biography. Please include whether you are an established or emerging artist. (Not required if you are already a member of Kuoni Creative).

We look forward to collaborating with you on this SALA project and will organise a get-together with all artists wishing to be involved to meet each other, encourage a team effort and discuss further requirements. This will occur prior to the confirmation date and following.

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