Our 2018 SALA Exhibition: The Forest Connection

Our 2018 SALA Exhibition: The Forest Connection

The South Australian Living Artist’s Festival is an exciting time for both artists and audiences alike. Art comes alive in SA and the enthusiasm for the art world is tangible with venues all over the state, including galleries, cafes, wineries and more, taking part in the showcasing of SA talent during the month of August.

Kuoni Creative is a SALA venue each year and this year we have 13 artists taking part with a range of artwork including paintings, textile, jewellery, woodwork, photography and sculpture–all on the theme of ‘The Forest Connection’.

Our concept for ‘The Forest Connection’ is as follows:

How do we, as individuals, connect with Earth’s existing forests? A forest caters for all beliefs; it can be a nurturing sanctuary, or it can be mysterious and foreboding. The forest develops as a collective energy similar to human habitat, supported by external factors and internal spirit. The spirit is known by many names, in many cultures – Chi, Prana, divine energy. A healing habitat for a fractured soul, the forest offers nourishment, safety, and shelter from all the distractions that come with modern society.

The living, breathing, global forests connect the earth to the sky, through their totemic wooden pathways and intricate networks. This exhibition gathers artists, tools, materials and techniques to represent the strength, resilience and persistence of the timeless being that is The Forest Connection.

Our artists will be exploring this concept with their own interpretation, with the freedom to explore the connectedness of humanity with the global forest, through any media they feel represents the
timelessness and unity of the system. Artists can explore the grandeur, the inter-connectedness, the intricacy, the
balance, or the loss of our forest home.

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