Shared Spaces

Shared Spaces

The spaces in which we live and work change form and occupancy from day to day. Sometimes we are on our own and have a meticulous need for quiet; sometimes we have the need to work with others, bouncing ideas off of each other and finding inspiration from those around us. We all have different needs at different times and it is important that we understand what different environments can offer us.

Are you an artist working from home, or a writer sitting alone at your desk? Do you often find yourself visiting cafes or common spaces with a book or laptop? The reality is, people innately need other people; we are social creatures that need to interact with other individuals. Shared spaces offer flexibility and a sense of community, allowing us to work on our own projects whilst working in a community atmosphere with like-minded peers.

You may be familiar with coworking spaces; they are becoming somewhat of a global phenomenon, popping up all over the place. They cater to the contemporary era; where many of us are not confined by the 9-5 office workday and are offered the flexibility computers and remote access afford us. Many freelancers and creatives frequent coworking spaces; they are also popular throughout a variety of corporate professions and startups.

So, what are the benefits of coworking spaces? Well, it turns out there are a lot. They not only establish a sense of community, but they keep us organised and motivated. We see our peers working diligently around us, and we are less likely to get distracted than when we are on our own, losing motivation. Such shared spaces also offer great facilities and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals; who you stand with at the coffee machine with today, will likely be different tomorrow. This means we are able to strengthen our network and open our horizons. Furthermore, shared spaces often offer the opportunity for collaboration and feedback; we can bounce ideas off of people from both similar and different backgrounds and come up with unique, multifaceted results that we wouldn’t otherwise achieve on our own.

Are you familiar with shared spaces? Want to try, but never have? We invite you to come and join us at Kuoni Creative! Send us an email at, call us on (08) 8370 3773, or simply drop in. We also have open studios going on Fridays and Saturdays at $15 per person, per day. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community!


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