Sheryl Glassmith

Sheryl Glassmith

Sheryl Glassmith has been a glass artist for 35 years. She works from her own studio in Coromandel Valley and has operated this for 21 years.

Sheryl paints and prints glass using high fire glass enamels. Simply put, this involves applying glass colour, similar in principle to pottery glaze, onto the surface of the glass. This is then fired in a kiln to temperatures ranging from 700 to 850 degrees Celsius.

Her recent passion has been printing with Eucalypt leaves after they have been skeletonised by a variety of bugs. Each print is an individual leaf immortalised forever in glass.

Sheryl also produces sculptural work incorporating found objects and beautiful pieces of timber, rusty metal and copper wire, featuring, as she describes it, ‘a bit of much-needed bling’.

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