‘Souled Out’ SALA Exhibition at Kuoni Creative

'Souled Out', featuring nine artists in a mixed media exhibition, SALA, August 2017

‘Souled Out’ SALA Exhibition at Kuoni Creative

‘Souled out’ is the theme for our South Australian Living Artist’s Festival exhibition, to be held here in the Kuoni Creative gallery from the 1st to the 31st of August 2017.

The concept, in summary, is the following:

In maintaining status quo and protecting against vulnerabilities and fear, we have sold out to our own personal truths. Time to stand up. Speak out.

We have nine artists taking part this year: Corina Kuoni, Greg Johns, Tracey Vale, Angela McGoran, Louise Kotz, Wendy Lithgow, Debra Taylor, Stephen Johnson and Linda O’Grady.

The exhibition will include sculpture, multi media, jewellery, textiles, photography and artwork in pastels, ink, graphite and charcoal. We’re all excited about the concept and work is underway in readiness for August.

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