The Art of Felting

Felt art

The Art of Felting

Felting is believed to be the oldest form of textile production, backed by the existence of prehistoric felted artifacts dating back to the Neolithic period, as well as examples from the Iron Age and Bronze Age.

The technique spread throughout Europe and Asia and was used by the Vikings in 500 AD. Felted textiles have warmth and durability and were ideal for clothing, blankets, tents (yurts), and even armour.

Today, felting is still used to make scarves, shawls, hats and more, as well as felted animal trinkets, toys, bootees and in framed artworks. The technique lends itself well to combining wool fibres with others such as silk, gold and silver accented fabrics, chenille and more. It is also ideal for colour vibrancy.

Kuoni Creative currently has the work of two felt artists in the gallery. Ricci Mourakis makes vibrantly coloured scarves, shawls, blankets, hats and gloves, while Helen Kuster makes brightly coloured bootees, felted animals and fairy dolls.


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