Valentine’s Day gift ideas at Kuoni Creative

Valentine’s Day gift ideas at Kuoni Creative


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have a range of perfect, unique gifts that beat the usual flowers and chocolates, hands down. All are lovingly crafted by local artisans with an array of styles, techniques and skills to produce works that are truly different and that enhance the culture and beauty of art.

Browse through our picks in the photo gallery here. Kuoni Creative Gallery stocks cards and locally designed and handcrafted gifts including an extensive range of jewellery, candles, cuff links, prints, glassware, ceramics, sculptures and artwork—distinctive options (without the big price tag) to impress your Valentine. Come in and say ‘Hi’ and choose something to wow your other half. They’ll love you for it!

Origins of Valentine’s Day

Although derived from somewhat dark origins dating back to Roman mythology and the fertility festival of Lupercalia, Valentine’s Day developed over the centuries to become a celebration of love.

Mystery and numerous legends surround who Saint Valentine was, but it is believed that he was a priest who performed marriages for young Romans when it was deemed illegal because it was viewed that unmarried men performed better as soldiers. Once discovered, Valentine was sentenced to death.

It was not until the 15th century that Valentine’s Day became a day associated with romance and love. 1415 marks the oldest known Valentine’s Day greeting—a poem written by the Duke of Orleans to his wife during his imprisonment in the Tower of London. The mid 18th century saw Valentine’s Day celebrated popularly by all classes with exchanges of small gifts and handwritten notes. By 1900, printed cards were available, soon replacing the handwritten letters and handmade cards.


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